MotM Island Confirmed!

Hey guys!

Well, volume 1 of Mystery of the Map Island is officially over. While we couldn’t keep up with all the pages, the Creators did (well, obviously)! Read Mystery of the Map from the beginning!!

But that’s not all. In their good-bye post today, the Creators mentioned this:

That’s not all: we’re happy to announce officially that the next Poptropica Island will be Mystery of the Map Island. Look forward to more news about this full-length quest later this week.

It’s SO awesome!! AND it’s full length (although we did already determine that). We’ll find out more later this week, but I asked the Creators, and they said stay tuned for the middle of May for this Island!!

That’s all for now!

Trusty Biker


Mystery of the Map Confirmation and Arabian Nights Info!

What’s up, Poptropicans? TB, here!

A LOT has been going on in the Poptropica world! First up (and probably easier to explain 😉 ) Arabian Nights Episode 3’s information has been added to the tour page!

Arabian Nights Episode 3 will now be called “Careful What You Wish For!” Here’s what the description is:

The genie is out of the bottle, and now everyone wants a chance to make their wishes come true. But whether you’re a greedy merchant, a lovelorn palace guard, or a Sultan with a long-buried secret, heed this advice: be careful what you wish for!

But besides that, Mystery of the Map Island has been confirmed!

A quick chat with the Creators said that they are shooting to have this island out for mid-May!

That’s super awesome, and I can’t wait for this island!

Now, for some Daily Pops!


These two seem to be for MotM Island!


Those seem to be for Careful What You Wish For! (That’s Arabian Nights 3)

There’s a bunch of other ones, but we’ll keep it like this for now.

Stay tuned for tonight’s Sunday Night Special, featuring a fan fic (by me) of MVB’s background! For the next one, we’re going to try to have something extremely awesome for you! We’re not going to tell you what it is, but here are two words for ya:

  1. Interview
  2. Creators

See ya next time!