Poptropicon Episode 3 is now out for everyone!/Cuddly’s Review of Popcon Episode 3/I have Inactivity. (But I’m not leaving XD)

Hey guys and girls! I’m so sorry I have not posted anything on this blog for a long time because of school stuff, computer problems (My computer browser keeps crashing randomly! 😡 ), other blogs, etc. Anyways, there are news in Poptropica- Poptropicon Episode 3 is now out for everyone!

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Since I completed the island, here’s a review of it. Hope you enjoy it. :mrgreen: (Sorry, I don’t have time to put in pictures 😦 ) Click on the “read more” link to see the review.


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PCon3 review by Red Spider

Hi, it’s me, Red Spider, and this is my review of PoptropiCon episode 3 : Reign of Omegon

Note that this has opinion in it, so it is not 100% facts 

The island is pretty cool because once you save a super hero you get their power. I also think this island is cool because you can play the mighty action force card game, though you don’t have to. When I played the island, I did not encounter any big bugs.

Well, the island is pretty much the best island I’ve played and it made a awesome ending to the PoptropiCon series.

I give it a 5 star review!

Red Spider

PoptropiCon Episode 3 Review!

I have to say that I’m lucky that PCon3 came out a couple days after I opened this blog. Otherwise I would have nothing to post about. But here’s my review on PCon3!


Anyway, on Thursday, PoptropiCon Episode 3 came out for members. I completed it, and got #219.  But to be honest, I wouldn’t have completed it if it wasn’t for PHB author Brave Tomato’s comment that helped me get through a difficult part 😀

But you wanted a review, didn’t you? You wanted a post that reveals all the secrets, and my opinions, of PopCon3. So why don’t you click that READ MORE button and find out what it’s all about?


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