Hi everyone! And welcome to The Poptropican Newsroom!

Do you know those guys on your TV that sit around on a table and talk about random news stuff? Well that’s the same thing like here, only we don’t sit on a table, we sit on our desks, and it’s not on your TV, it’s on your computer (usually), and we don’t talk about random news stuff, we talk about random Poptropica news stuff!

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trusty biker pic Trusty Biker, Owner:

I’m an 11 year old girl that lives in the US. I have my own blog, Poptropica Inside and Out, and I also work on Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans, and Poptropica Voice. My favorite color is neon green, and as you my have guessed, I LOVE the game Poptropica 🙂

cuddly knuckle Cuddly Knuckle, Author

Hi. I am a very creative blogger, but not only that- I’m sometimes crazy and funny, and like to watch awesome YouTube videos of cats, video game walkthroughs, and all those amazing stuff. I love the color Silver, because that’s the color most teenagers like!

Red Spider Red Spider, Author

I love poptropica and the PHB friend me at kurtbushg , and I am a disney world junkie

And a big shoutout to our previous authors!

  • Rare Power

9 thoughts on “About

  1. I know I don’t have anything about me on my gravatar, but here is some info anyway:
    I am a girl who loves poptropica, having fun, and playing around! I like sports, including soccer! I an a author of POP, TCP, CKPB and TPNR! I have my own blog, ROP.

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