Inactive Until Further Noice

Hey everyone.

I’m sorry, but until further notice, this blog will be stopped. No one seems to care about it anymore, so might as well quit. I’m not going to delete this site, just in case I think it’s time for me to try again someday, but until then, no new content will be added. 



6 thoughts on “Inactive Until Further Noice

  1. Trusty Biker, you inspire me. I know that if we work together we can save this blog. With my creativity and your blogging experience we can work together to make this blog very popular. Please don’t delete this blog

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    • Thanks, and I’m sure we could. But as of now, I work on 10 Poptropica blogs. I don’t want to stop working on all of them because I don’t have time, so I’m ust stopping this blog for now. I’m not going to delete this blog, since I would never be able to get it’s address back, but I ask you all to stop posting.
      Red Spider, I encourage you to apply for my two other blogs (you can email me for the links.) Even if this blog can’t continue, my other blogs should.


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