Let’s Elaborate: Mystery of the Map Island

Hi everyone, and welcome to the very first blog post of our new series, Let’s Elaborate! It’s reserved for new information that comes up for previous island theories that we have came up with. Let’s begin!

Well, a lot has happened since we last spoke of the Mystery of the Map Island. Let’s start with something simple: all the Daily Pops:

We’ve already seen this building in the graphic novel.

This picture seems like it is inside the building.

This picture does too.

This is the map I’ve talked to you earlier about.

These are probably costumes the Creators are going to release, promoting the island.

I talked to you about this image too, click the above links to look at it!

While at the moment, I can’t exactly tell where this is, but if you look at the people, you can see what appears to be rough figures of Jorge, Maya, and Oliver.

Can this be where Maya, Jorge, and Oliver slide down that river?

This is a spot on the above map.

This is a newer, and less detailed, version of the map.

This also seems like it’s inside the log building I showed above.

Where can this be?

This is a big part to lead to our theory: the comments for this picture say:

We’ll be direct: this common room is a star.

Common room? And does that look like it could be in that map? Yup! Put the two together!

This seems like an earlier version of the fishbones image.

Hmm…. Haven’t we seen this spot on the graphic novel somewhere before?


I think I’ve talked about this before….

There’s that arrow again!

That’s the thing Maya found! When Jorge said, “Saaaaaaaaaaand”!

This goes with that other waterfall picture!

Is this a bigger picture of that close-up we saw?


Item Card

Can this be an item card for the island? Or is it for another island? One thing’s for sure: this is an item card, and if it isn’t for MotM island, it’s for another island!



Shields. For the Vikings. That’s all I have to say.

Now that is a lot of Daily Pop!

I’m just going to bring one more thing to your attention:

If you type mysteryofthemapisland.com into your browser, it directs to Poptropica! How cool is that? I checked it out, and it seems like it has been owned by Poptropica since February 25, 2015!

Well, that’s all for this episode of Let’s Elaborate! See you next time!!

Trusty Biker





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