Tips For Being An Awesome Island Spotter

Hey everyone!

Since we don’t want to be inactive, I’m going to do random little posts every now and then. Oh, and authors, you can do these types of random posts too!

Let’s say you want to be on this blog, but you don’t think your theories are good enough, or you can’t come up with a theory AT ALL. Why don’t you look below? This post will defiantly help you!

DAILY POP: The Daily Pop by far is one of the most helpful thing in spotting new/possibly-upcoming islands. Maybe I should be a bit more specific. The Daily Pop Sneak Peak Archive. It’s fairly easy to get to, all you have to do is log in, and go up to where it says- POP!

step 1-daily pop


Once in, you will be in the Comics archive. You need to switch that to Sneak Peaks:

step 2-daily pop

There, you will see a picture, it’s title, and a short/funny description about it.

The pictures often tell stuff about an upcoming known or unknown island. Like this image is most likely for Arabian Nights Episode 3:

step 3-daily pop

From this one picture, we can tell that this is someone’s bedroom. This person doesn’t like genies, probably because they did something to her, has enough swords to throw them at her walls (this implies that this person is rich), and that this person loves camels and swords. We also can see that the bedspread is a pinkish-purple, as well as the windowsills. Now let’s see what we can get from this.

This is most likely a girl’s bedroom (judging from the pinkish-purple decorations). This girl may be a princess, because she has a lot of swords. From those windows, she may look down at the guards with their swords, and fall in love with them. The genie is probably an important part in the story-he either did something to upset her, or he did something to her family. That locked journal on the table probably holds a lot of secrets.

There. That’s how easy it is to use the Daily Pop.

Social Media: Social Media is the second best way to find out about upcoming islands. Poptropica posts a lot on Twitter (, and they also have Google +, Instagram, Pintrest, and Tumblr.

Those are the two best ways I can think of, and if you think of any others, let us know!

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