Comics Island?

Hey everyone! I know this blog is still new, but I wanted to kick it off with a post about a new island possibility.

I found this picture over on the Daily Pop, and it really caught my eye:


Now you’re probably asking, why did this catch your eye? Well, I’ll tell you why. Two reasons, actually. Look at that tree with the cloth hanging on it:

hot air ballon

Now it doesn’t look like anything special. Until you look at a couple of the Mystery of the Map pages.

page 3 deflating baloon

As you can see, it’s the exact same balloon, AND it gets caught up in a tree.

Now, you might be telling yourself, “What if it’s just fan art?” So, why don’t you chew on this bit of information?

You know how in Poptropica, when you need to go to another screen, there’ s usually a sign with an arrow on it? Well, lookie here:

viking ship game

As you can see on the map, there’s a ship with the exact same design:

viking ship

Now, what does this have to do with the comics? Look at this picture:

viking ship comic

Now do you see why I think that there’s going to be an island based on this graphic novel? No? Well, here’s a little more evidence:

brick building

That’s another picture from the map, and here’s a picture from the graphic novel to back it up:

brick building comic

Let’s take a look at one more spot on the map, shall we?

overturned ship

And now here’s a part from the Daily Pop and the comics:

overturned ship comic overturned ship pop

Now it’s still too early for me to make up a theory, or even confirm this, but I thought that there was a strong chance and I wanted to share it with you!

Trusty Biker


6 thoughts on “Comics Island?

  1. P.S. There were a lot more items on the map that I could have paired with the Daily Pop and the graphic novel, but I was running out of time on the computer so I may do the rest in another post 🙂


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  3. Awesome theory! Everything you mentioned in the post seems to add up, especially since the Poptropica Creators have said, multiple times, that there will be an island for the Poptropica Comics. Good detective work! 🙂

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